Please watch this video at: The Gratitude Campaign

Obama Becomes the First President in Over 50 Years to Skip Ball Honoring Medal of Honor Recipients added 1-26-09

Owner of Knox Machinery Blasts GM Letter Asking for Support of Bailout added 12-21-08

Thomas Jefferson in some cases could be called a prophet added 12-8-08

Department of Energy?
added 12-3-08

A Little Gun Control History
added 11-27-08

Congress - America's Criminal Class
added 11-22-08

What costs more than the Iraq War? added 10-9-08

Barack Obama's connection to William Ayers added 10-9-08

Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending-NY Times 1999 article added 10-9-08

3 Men Who Brought Down Wall Street added 10-2-08

Obama's Chicago War Zone
added 10-2-08

Ben Stein - Christmas Confessions
added 10-2-08

Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat - Dr. Peter Hammond
added 9-24-08


Letter from one Angry Woman added 7-31-08

Letter to the editor - Manuel Alvarez, Jr. added 7-20-08

Letter to Hillary Clinton by Steve Russell added 7-15-08

PO2 (EOD2) Mike Monsoor Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor Post-Humously added 7-15-08

No Longer a Christian Nation? by Charles W. Dooley
added 7-13-08

The Truth about ANWR added 6-28-08

More about ANWR truth: http://www.anwr.org/

Oklahoma to feds: Don't tread on me
State House defends its sovereignty from D.C. intrusion

added 6-17-08

James David Manning tells the truth! added 5-24-08

Mexican Repatriation - Herbert Hoover did it... why can't we? added 5-15-08

Operation WETBACK - Eisenhower did it... why can't we? added 5-15-08

added 4-22-08

Awesome Video! "If I Should Die Before You Wake" added 4-19-08

Double Life of Barack Obama
Wright is Wrong
by Thomas Sowell
added 3-25-08

I AM SCARED by Dan Brown
added 3-24-08

THE 545 PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR AMERICA'S WOES!! by Charlie Reese added 2-24-08

Rosemary LaBonte on Immigration
added 2-24-08

Ann of A Thousand Knights - A story about Ann Margaret's patriotism
added 2-5-08

Lee Iococca - Where have all the Leaders Gone?
added 2-3-08

Welfare Pee Test
added 2-3-08

Drug Smugglers are using OFFICIAL TEXAS VEHICLES
added 1-25-08

America Needs a Leader Like This!
updated link for accuracy on 1-26-08

Newt Gingrich on the War on Terror - Must Watch Video!

Check out Pastor Joe Wright's repentance prayer
delivered January 23, 1996 to the Kansas House of Representatives in Topeka.

See pictures from this MEXICAN DRUG BUST
aren't you glad we opened our borders to mexican truckers???

What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?
article by Frosty Woolridge 10-29-2007

The Verichip system has already been sold to China and is in use 
there for political "crowd control"

  1. Article on Verichip, the identification implant for humans
  2. Second article says that they've already started putting 
    them in babies for "safety".
  3. National ID cards on the way? - CNET
  4. Wikipedia on the Real ID Act of 2005
  5. HR 418- A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform

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There is only one thing that will stop the momentum of Barack Hussein Obama. This message was preached on 25 July 2008.

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